Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Traits Of A Confident Woman (Quotes)

(Original Quotes From Stylicia Bowden)

A woman with confidence breeds a different character she is just simply a "Thermostat Woman"!

A woman with confidence ride the waves and set the pace.

A woman with confidence has SWAG oozing from her stature but she never downplays her greatness & graciously uplift others.

A woman with confidence never put her head down, never shrinks to water down her potential.

When a woman with confidence speak people tend to sit up straight and listen. Her presence commands attention.

A woman of confidence is never scared to be sexy, smart, strong or spiritual but she knows how to be a well balanced woman.

A confident woman never has to been in competition with the next woman cause she is always her authentic self.

A confident woman learns to speak less and listen more...

A confident woman never disrespect other women by speaking negative she simply walks away with a smile & keeps her composure.

A confident woman knows how to be the boss in the office but let that man be the head of her home.

A confident woman never surrender her power to negativity but she diffuses the atmosphere with positivity.

A confident woman dismiss jealousy from her path, sweeps haterism from her space & erase toxic people & puts drama in its place.

A confident woman carries her faith as her lifestyle she never judge but let her light shine.

A confident woman embrace her sensuality, not scared to be sexy but her sexiness is not define by society she creates it.